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*To host your own Bone Marrow Donor Drive in Owen’s name, please contact Jack Kirkland at deletebloodcancer.org. His email is james@dkmsamericas.org .

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January 25, 2014 from 7:30 AM -1:00 PM

Bone Marrow Donor and Blood Drive
Holy Trinity Church
15 Route 37
Sherman, CT
View the flyer HERE

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27 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Joanie satornino

    I’m just wondering if they are going to have the Bone Marrow Drive out in Eastern Long Island area or the suffolk county area? I would be willing to attend to help out.


    1. Joanie satornino

      I also wanted to mention that I have the same blood type as Owen, I’m O- Negative, too.

    2. Rachel Post author

      Hi Joanie,
      If you go to the Upcoming Events page and scroll to the bottom, there are links you can use to find bone marrow donor drives in your area. Even though the drives are not hosted in honor of Owen specifically, people who join the registry through those groups are then added to the National Bone Marrow Registry which is being searched daily for a match for Owen. Thank you so very much for your interest!

    3. Vanessa Dellagiovanna

      There is one that is in the works for November 13 in Suffolk. As soon as I have the details I’ll share.

    4. Jackie

      THe Holtsville Fire Department will be hosting a bone marrow drive for Owen on 11/27/13 between 1-7pm. The address is 1025 Waverly Ave, Holtsville NY 11742.

  2. Kate

    Just wanted to let anyone in the Westchester area know that the event at Concordia College is open to the public. The address is: 171 White Plains Rd. Bronxville, NY the registration drive will be held from 11am – 3pm in “The Commons” (aka Dining Hall) it is a very small campus and located right in the middle.
    ALL are welcome!

  3. vanessa

    The info for the drive in suffolk is
    Wednesday November 13th
    8:30AM-2:00 PM
    100 Federal Plaza
    Central Islip, NY

    I can send a flyer if there is an e-mail address to send it to

  4. Heather

    Your personal post, “Upcoming Events | A Hero For Owen” was in
    fact well worth writing a comment down here in the comment section!
    Just needed to announce you truly did a good work. Thanks ,Gertrude

  5. Geri Cox

    I will attend the Nov.2 I also have O- blood type if needed.
    My husband Bill Cox is a retired FDNY Lt. He passed Sept.18
    of a rare bone marrow cancer, Waldenstroms Macroglobanemia.
    If I can be of any help please let me know.
    God Bless, Geri

    1. Rachel Post author

      Hi Lynn,
      In the list of upcoming events there are Bone Marrow Donor Drives. At those drives you are able to enroll in the bone marrow registry. Owen’s medical team checks the national registry for a match for Owen. By registering you are entered into a database which is searched for Owen’s match, or you could be the match someone like him in need of a bone marrow transplant. You can also send away for a cheek swab kit and enroll that way as well (bethematch.org will send a postage paid kit to your house). Thank you for your interest and consideration!

  6. claudia

    Hi, I have the same blood type and I really want to help but I just don’t know if I can because I’m trying to have a baby, I might be pregnant now and I want to know if donating can affect me or my baby? so please if you have and answer for me let me know, thanks. .

    1. Rachel Post author

      Hi Claudia,
      While being pregnant does not exclude you from being able to join the national bone marrow registry, you are not eligible to donate marrow or blood while pregnant. Thank you for your concern, and best wishes to you!

    1. Rachel Post author

      Not at all! If you register to be a bone marrow donor, you join the National Bone Marrow Program and can help someone in need anywhere in the country!

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  8. Robert


    I would like to get tested to see if I am a match for Owen. Will testing be done at the Jersey City event this Saturday Novemeber 16th?


    1. Rachel Post author

      Hi Robert,
      Thank you so much for your willingness to help Owen.
      At the Jersey City donor drive on Saturday you can register to be a bone marrow donor. This means that you do a simple cheek swab at the drive that is then sent out to determine your HLA make-up. You are added to the National Marrow Donor Registry. Owen’s doctors, along with doctors for many other patients in need of life saving bone marrow transplants, then check the list to see if you are match for Owen or someone like him!

    2. Diane

      The CrossFit Gym in JC did reach out to Delete Blood Cancer a couple of times, and to date, I don’t think they got back to them. I know they were going to try again. So I am not 100% sure they will be on-site, but will advise if I find out differently. They will however have flyers there on how to register on-line. They will send a kit right to your home free of charge as long as you are under the age of 44.

  9. Diane

    Robert….CrossFit at JC will have kits available on Saturday. The Burpees for Owen event will probably go from 8-12. They have lots of burpers, so it may not run the entire 4 hours! Age limit is 18-55 I believe since It’s from delete blood cancer. The “be the match” org only has an age range of 18-44. Thanks for inquiring!

  10. George Johnson

    Hey, I put this out there to my Rockaway and FDNY email lists, about 250 people combined, as well as my 440 facebook friends. I’m getting a lot of questions I can’t answer.
    1-If I joined the Registry 17 years ago, am I still in there?
    2-I’m already in the Registry. Can i donate blood at the Jameson’s event?
    3-Is there an age limit on donating bone marrow?
    I donated bone marrow to a 4 year old boy from Kentucky in 1996. This month he turns 22. He came to my wedding.
    Hang in there! There’s a lot of people working on this. We’ll find somebody.

    1. Rachel Post author


      Thank you so very much for spreading the word and sharing your story- it does give hope! I am checking on the answer to the question about blood donation. Your support and involvement is appreciated! – Rachel

      1-If I joined the Registry 17 years ago, am I still in there?

      People can confirm that they are on the registry by calling 1 (800) MARROW-2

      2-I’m already in the Registry. Can i donate blood at the Jameson’s event?
      I’m checking with the organizers of the event on this one. Will get back to you!

      3-Is there an age limit on donating bone marrow?

      Be The MAtch registers people between the ages of 18-44 for free. If you are between 44 – 60, you can register but there is a $100 fee. This is because doctors ask for a donor between 18-44 90% of the time, as younger donors have a higher transplant success rate.

  11. John Larocchia (LAUGHTER SAVES LIVES)

    I would like to send a check for last Fridays LAUGHTER SAVES LIVES Comedy night to the Hogan familiy ASAP. The First check will be for $5000 and I will have a second smaller check of around $500 next week. I am check waiting for the tic service to pay us and some other expenses and income to be worked out. Thanks you for allowing us to be part of Owens life

    John larocchia

  12. Kathy Woodruff

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that Owen’s story has inspired my company to host a Donor Drive through the Delete Blood Cancer organization. It’s scheduled for April 3 in Manhattan. We are actively promoting the drive to colleagues at the office and hope to add significantly to the donor database. My thoughts and prayers are with Owen and your entire family as you travel this journey. May God bless you and wishing Owen a full recovery!
    Kathy Woodruff

  13. Kathy Woodruff

    I just wanted to let you know that we organized a Donor drive at my office this week and had 52 volunteers sign up for the Registry. The drive was inspired by Owen’s story and we also spotlighted Jimmy Martinez’s situation. Fingers crossed that someone will find their match through this effort. But I also know that we raised awareness among a lot of people. So there is a ripple effect and hopefully others will benefit from your story. I wish you all the best in Owen’s continued recovery!!

    KAthy Woodruff


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