Owen Update 3/10/15

11037471_1631865003711093_5800526212548511770_nOwen has been doing really well! Medically, there haven’t been many changes since the last update. His GVHD of the skin presents similar to eczema and continues to make him itchy and really uncomfortable, at times. He had a pretty bad flare up this week, but it has already improved drastically after using steroid cream and our normal, excessive amounts of Aquaphor! He continues to receive monthly IVIg transfusions (other people’s antibodies) and his blood counts look pretty good! Owen’s 1-year post BMT appointment was extremely long, but went really well. His echocardiogram and EKG showed his heart was normal. All other labs and tests also came back with positive results! Owen continues to be on therapeutic levels of his immunosuppressant, so we must continue to limit contact with people, especially other children and public places. Although, we are used to these restrictions (for almost 2 years now), the past few months have been especially difficult. We welcome the warmer weather so we can escape the house and enjoy the outdoors more often!

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