Owen Update 10/21/14

Owen’s GVHD of the skin has increased and he was put back on steroids today. The CMV also came back 2 weeks ago and the cell count has risen. His IGG level is barely making the cut, so it will be decided this week if he needs to receive IVIg transfusions again… If he does, he will need IV’s and monthly transfusions (of donated antibodies) for the duration of the entire winter. This bump in the road is scary for us as cold/flu season is beginning. We have to go back to taking more strict precautions and limit Owen’s exposure to people/children.


This past week, we met a very special train conductor who allowed Owen to see the one and only real Thomas the Train Steam Engine. Owen and Ethan were so excited to see the huge engine in real life! Their smiles were priceless and Owen is still talking about it! Thank you Conductor Rick for being so thoughtful and bringing so much joy to our family!


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