Owen Update 10/10/14

10659431_1565627677001493_759445389214380549_nOwen is approaching the 9 months post-transplant mark. Unfortunately, we’ve hit some more bumps in the road. We’ve had a few scares in the past month including a 1-time decrease in his hemoglobin, finding swollen lymph nodes on his neck, blood in his stool, and an increase in his GVHD. Some of these issues have been resolved, but these changes have kept our anxiety and stress level pretty high. Owen went on a 5 day course of oral steroids and his GVHD of the skin showed a positive response. However, after the steroid stopped, the itchy, rough rash reappeared all over his body a day later. We had to stop the immunosuppressant wean and go back up to a therapeutic dose. Trying to stay hopeful that the GVHD does not get more severe and resolves itself quickly. We know it could take weeks or many months. Only time will tell. We have gone back to weekly visits at the hospital.

Please say a special prayer for a little warrior, Sophia. She had her bone marrow transplant the same day as Owen and last month her transplant failed her. She is a strong and beautiful little girl who is so brave. On Tuesday, she painted sea turtles with Owen before getting her T-cell transfusion. Please pray that this next step works and helps her back into remission.


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